This library of pictures

Day Boats, Wroxham, Norfolk, UKThe contents that you will find on this site have been accumulated over a number of years. At the moment the content will cover, largely, the period from my first digital camera to today. The mere fact that it exists at all is testement to power of the digital revolution. I have a library of 35mm and 6x7 transparencies gathering dust in a corner. That will not see the light of day without some considerable effort. Perhps one day these images too will be digitised and find there way out to a wider viewing public.

My photographing skills have been honed over the years and I take great pleasure in being able to extract something of aometimes almost geometric pleasure from a location or object. Lately though I have been thinking more about what I can do with whatever skill I posess and have been contemplating wether I need to take images that are of a place as well as images extracted from the location. Because of this there will at times be a mix of pictures found here. Some will be explicitly images of a place. A record of the location that shows something that will be recognisable, as well as taking the more abstract that is more about the qualities of the image and the filtering of extrenuous detail.

Some of the earlier images were created with a 5 megapixel camera, later images are taken with 10 and up. All will give good results when printed at reasonably large sizes.

Gradually more picture and text content will be added. The intention is that this and it's sister sites will be a continually evolving work. Hopefully it can all be made dynamic enough that you will keep returning to see what developments have taken place and what new things have been added.